First Access

One pupil has special needs which mean he is reluctant to become involved in activities with his classmates. This year he has come to the ukulele sessions during the SoundBites project and has been so proud to demonstrate his skills to other in the school. This is the only session in the week where he can get involved on the same level as other children in the class.


— Southampton School Head Teacher 

Through first access, Southampton Music Hub ensures that every child has an inspiring start to lifelong musical learning. Delivered through three whole-class music projects — Prepare2Play, In2Music and SoundBites — every project ensures that pupils benefit from real musical experiences: learning and performing with others on a diverse range of musical instruments. 


Prepare2Play is a creative whole-class music project which helps younger pupils develop essential musical skills to prepare them for learning a musical instrument.


In2Music is a whole class instrumental project which gives pupil an inspiring start to learning a musical instrument.


SoundBites is a whole class instrumental project which lets pupils start their musical journey by a range of musical instruments, genres and styles. Through interactive, multimedia performances, SoundBites inspires pupils to learn alongside world-class musicians without having to leave the classroom.