Free song book celebrates Southampton's diverse musical communities

Southampton Music Hub have released a free songbook, ‘We’re All Here From Around The World’, which celebrates Southampton’s diverse musical cultures and communities. The book, which has been compiled by Fiona Funnell of Delicious Sound Choir, contains new arrangements of traditional songs, alongside an original song, inspired by the musical traditions which the songbook draws from.

The free book has been sent to every infant, junior and primary school in the city and is also available to download for free below, so that friends, families and the community can take part in singing to celebrate Southampton’s musical diversity. The songbook will also be supported by free singing workshops and events in schools across the city.

Fiona Funnell, Founder and Musical Director of Delicious Sounds Choir, says:

“This songbook brings together music from many of Southampton’s diverse musical traditions: from ‘Ami Tomake’, a Bengali lullaby which my local pharmacist knew from his childhood, through to ‘Stary Nietz’, a song I have sung to my Polish neighbours, making them light up with recognition, whilst also being very bemused with my pronunciation. I wrote the song ‘Singing in the City’ on one of my regular morning walks through St Mary’s, heading towards the Itchen Bridge. As I walked, I was reminded that the people of our city represent cultures from all around the world, yet we all call Southampton our home.”

Matt Brombley, Projects Manager for Southampton Music Hub, says:

“As an ancient port city, Southampton has a long and proud history of welcoming people from all across the globe. As people have come to Southampton from around the world, over hundreds of years, they have bought with them a rich diversity of music. We hope that schools, families and the city will join us in singing the songs of those who have made Southampton their home, as we celebrate the contribution they have made to our communities, our city and our rich musical heritage.”

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