Schools and families to complete a 600 strong line-up at the Royal Albert Hall

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School children from across the city, and members of Southampton’s Family Orchestra will complete a diverse and exciting line up of performers when 200 performers from Southampton join a 600 strong Massed Ensemble at the Music For Youth Proms.

Taking place on Monday 5 November at the Royal Albert Hall, this will be the performance of a life time for all involved, including pupils from Upper Shirley High, Shirley Junior, Wordsworth Primary, Hollybrook Junior, Highfield CE Primary, Banister Primary, St Denys Primary, and Shirley Warren Primary Schools.

Since September 2018, all involved have been hard at work — coached by their teachers, musical directors and members of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra — learning the exciting new piece of music which they will all perform together at the Royal Albert Hall. A massed rehearsal on Saturday 3 November will be the first, and only, chance the performers will have to play the piece all together ahead of its high profile public debut.

And whilst the buses will return in the early hours of Tuesday 6 November, the fun is far from over. Inspired by the Royal Albert Hall performance, Southampton Music Hub will share the incredible new music from this magical event with all schools in the city. Workshops, performances and event on The Stadium Tour will allow the teachers, musicians and young musicians to share the music, and their incredible experiences, from the Royal Albert Hall throughout the year, leading to celebration events in July 2019.