Indian Classical Music Club comes to Cantell School

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Following September’s successful return, Indian Classical Music Club, in partnership with Art Asia, continues on Friday 5 October 2018, with an evening of Indian Classical Music from 7-9pm at Cantell School.

From its origins in South Asia, Indian classical music has a rich and deep history that stretches back hundreds of years and reaches across the world. Indian Classical Music Club helps everyone, whatever their background, to understand and enjoy Indian classical music.

The event is jointly hosted by Cantell and Bassett Green Primary School, and is presented by professional international musicians, including: 

  • Talks and presentations on Indian Classical Music and Fusion Music

  • Short performances with improvisations using Raga and Talas structures

Featuring Chandra Chakraborty (Vocal) Tofail Ahmed and Sanju Sahai (Tabla)

  • Chandra Chakraborty is an Indian vocalist with a melodious voice. She performs regularly in USA, UK, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. She is the artistic director of one of the top three organisations in UK: Saudha, Society Of Poetry and Indian Music.

  • Tofail Ahmed is a highly accomplished musician with several years of training and experience. He is a teacher, workshop leader and a remarkable performer of different forms of Indian Classical Music.

  • A phenomenal and outstanding Tabla player, Sanju Sahai is well known for mesmerising and captivating his audience with his power, virtuosity and complete spontaneity.

Tickets cost £7 for adults, £5 for under 16s, and £15 for a family ticket (including 2 two adults, and two under 16s)