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iPad group from Kanes Hill School bring the excitement of electronic music to city education conference
Kanes Hill iPad Band at SCC Conf Performance 2019.jpg

As part of Southampton Music Hub’s Youth Music funded Synthesis Project, a group of 12 young electronic musicians from year six at Kanes Hill school have spent the past ten weeks in an iPad club: working together to create their own, new pieces of music, and developing their team work skills along the way.

On Wednesday 26 June, they shared a debut performance of their exciting and unique musical creation with the education teams at Southampton City Council. Performing at Solent University’s Palmerston Theatre, the group amazed and delighted the audience with their brand new piece of music, all created and performed using iPads.

Matt Brombley, Projects and Partnerships Manager for Southampton Music Hub, says:
“The young musicians did an incredible job, showing all the teams at the education conference that music is a powerful tool for helping us overcome the challenges we face in life. At the start their ten weeks together, there was a huge unknown for everyone — participants and music leaders alike — but by working together towards a shared goal, inspired by creating great music, they faced up to many challenges, and in doing so, both created an incredible performance and learnt important life skills for the future.”

From the Youth Music Blog: a Synthesis project update

In a blog post titled “Developing self-efficacy and collaboration in iPad Bands: a reflection on the first twelve weeks of the Synthesis Project“ on the Youth Music Network, Matt Brombley, Synthesis Project Manager, writes:

In September 2018, Southampton and Isle of Wight Music Hubs launched the Synthesis Project: a Youth Music funded project to help young electronic musicians overcome the challenges they face in life by making music together in iPad clubs, bands and orchestras. In the first twelve weeks of the project, 20 participants have taken part in over 50 hours of electronic music-making.

The band sessions have seen a number of emerging themes — many of which have challenged the whole team to reconsider their preconceptions of what a music-making session can be —  but there are two key pairings of musical and personal development which have had a profound effect on both participants, and session leaders:

1. Self-expression and self-efficacy

2. Composition and collaboration

Two new iPad bands kick start Synthesis Project

September and October saw the launch of two new iPad bands, kick starting the first stage of the Southampton and Isle of Wight Music Hub’s Synthesis Project.

Taking place at Vermont School and Oasis Academy Mayfield, the two new bands are made up of young electronic musicians, invited by their schools to be part of this exciting new opportunity.

The two iPad bands are part of three year project, which has been funded by a £100,000 grant from Youth Music, and match funded with £10,000 from Southampton City Council. Starting in October, new iPad bands will be starting on the Isle of Wight, and, over the next three years, they will be joined by new iPad clubs and orchestras across the region.

Matt Brombley, Projects and Partnerships Manager for Southampton and IOW Music Hubs, says:
”It’s only been a few weeks, but already the Synthesis bands are creating some incredible sounds. Chosen for their interest and passion for electronic music, the young musicians involved are already starting to learn new music-making skills, and pull together in to tight-knit teams. The whole team can’t wait to see, and share, what they create over the coming months.”

Hear a recording of one of the band jam sessions from week three of the project:

Southampton Music Hub secures £110,000 funding boost for young electronic musicians
Participants in a music technology workshop collaborating on a piece of music together

Participants in a music technology workshop collaborating on a piece of music together

Southampton and Isle of Wight Music Hubs are launching an exciting three-year project to help young electronic musicians to compose and perform music. Following a £100,000 grant from Youth Music, match funded by £10,000 from Southampton City Council, the Synthesis project launches in September 2018 with electronic music clubs, bands and orchestras across Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Working with schools and partnership organisations from across both music hubs, the project will help children and young people, particularly those facing challenging circumstances in their lives, to make music using iPads and other music technology. By developing their musical talents, the young musicians taking part will also develop the vital confidence and teamwork skills that will help them face and overcome the challenges they may face in their lives.

The project will be supported by professional musicians, from across a wide range of genres and backgrounds, who will help create video and digital resources that explain and demystify the songwriting process: exploring how to make music that blends musical genres, mixes musical cultures and brings together diverse communities.

Matt Brombley, Project Manager at Southampton and Isle of Wight Music Hubs, says:
“Technology is all around us: even the smartphone in your pocket can open up exciting new worlds for making-music. It is easy to think of this technology as being anti-social — we’re all familiar with the image of people hunched over their smartphones, ignoring the world around them — but what makes this project so exciting, is that it will give young electronic musicians the chance to collaborate  in new clubs, bands and orchestras across the region, looking up and out from their screens, and to make and share music together. Inspired by world-class musicians, and supported by an amazing team of music leaders and teacher, these young musicians will not only learn new musical skills, but they will also develop the life-changing skills needed to work, and succeed, as part of a team.”